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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GMC G20 Vandura 1980 The A-Team

Although born in the '80s, but you do not underestimate the legendary van this one from GMC, Vandura G20. Unless you want to be called 'Fool' by the owner of BA Baracus (Mr. T) in the latest film The A-Team.Yes, This GMC Vandura been modified so they no longer looking old and obsolete. From looks alone, visible when the van was ready invited to explore anything.

Dilabur black, wide-screen version of The A-Team still maintain the characteristic van mainstay of the former U.S. special forces led by Colonel Hanibal Smith.

Motor Trend reported yesterday, Monday (14/06/2010) the latest display applications van diperkkuat with red roof spoiler, black mag wheels, fender flares, and front airdam.

So is the cabin where the diamond-Quilted black vinyl door panels and roofs, as well as indicators of the instrument panel that looks very dangerous if enabled.

While the rear, without a seat, but a storied shelves to store equipment that supports the mission of The A-Team made an appearance in this van more gahar.

GMC Vandura has the support of the engine room with a capacity of 7.5-liter V8 with the power to reach 180 hp, will be sprayed from two side exhaust on the right side and left the van.

Still dare to belittle? please watch his own film, though unfortunately only briefly in action, this flagship car had to be destroyed.

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Luxury Cars 2010
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