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Monday, March 28, 2011

Top 5 Five City Cars Indonesian Market

City ​​car in Indonesia recently rose to a trend, it states that the car market is strongly influenced by the nature of the consumer eventually. Here are some city cars, which geta special welcome in the Indonesian market :
  •  Honda with the "Honda Jazz"

 Honda Jazz Front

 Honda Jazz Besides

Honda Jazz Rear

  • Toyota With the " Toyota Yaris " 
 Toyota Yaris Front

 Toyota Yaris Besides

Toyota Yaris Rear
  • Suzuki With the " Suzuki Swift "
 Suzuki Swift Front

 Suzuki Swift Besides

Suzuki Swift Rear
  • Ford With the " Ford Fiesta "
 Ford Fiesta Front

 Ford Fiesta Besides

Ford Fiesta Rear
  • Hyundai With the " Hyundai Getz "

 Hyundai Getz Front

 Hyundai Getz Besides

Hyundai Getz Rear

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Luxury Cars 2010
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