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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Super Cars Auto Contest Ferarri 458 Test Drive

Contest Ferarri 458Supecar Auto Contest Ferarri 458 Test Drive

Contest Ferarri 458The Italian supercar maker also released a new batch of pictures of the track-only version of the mid-engined 458 Italia, which is set to compete in Ferrari’s one-make series starting from 2011. Check them out after the jump.

Being a racing model, it’s only fitting for Ferrari to inform us that professional drivers are taking part in the fine-tuning of the newly born 458 Challenge. The pilots that took on the role of test driver at the Vallelunga circuit this week were Maurizio Mediani from Italy and Jaime Melo from Argentina who currently races a F430 GT2 in the American Le Mans Series for Team Risi Competizione.

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Luxury Cars 2010
Luxury Cars 2010